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Ella Resorts Rhodes
Ella Resorts & Hotels, Greece
Elissa Rhodes, shadows of waiter and palm trees on wall

Ella opened its first Resorts in 2022 in Rhodes with the Lifestyle Resort Elissa and the Family Beach Resort Helea 

Interior Styling: Anestis Michalis 

Elissa Rhodes , aerial view
Elissa Rhodes, Reception with receptionist
Elissa Rhodes,Lobby
Elissa Rhodes,Lobby
Elissa Rhodes, room
Elissa Rhodes, room, detail vase
Elissa Rhodes, room, detail vase, flowers
Elissa Rhodes, room
Elissa Rhodes, building with tree
Elissa Rhodes, building with palm trees, detail
Elissa Rhodes, building, waiter with tray
Elissa Rhodes, Main restaurant, pool view
Elissa building with cooks
Elissa Rhodes, main restaurant , pool
Elissa Rhodes, Italian restaurant, table
Elissa Rhodes, Italian restaurant, veranda
Elissa Rhodes, Asian restaurant, interior
Elissa Rhodes, Asian restaurant, veranda
Helea, Rhodes, main pool overview
Helea, Rhodes, entrance building
Helea, Rhodes, suite, detail
Helea, Rhodes, suite, shadows
Helea, Rhodes, pool with umbrellas, aerial view
Helea, Rhodes, pool with umbrellas
Helea, Rhodes, restaurant
Helea, Rhodes,Italian cuisine, restaurant
Helea, Rhodes,restaurant interior
Helea, Rhodes,restaurant interior, detail
Helea, Rhodes, bar
Ella Resort, Rhodes, aerial view sunrise
Ella Resort, Rhodes